Evie and Knox Stories

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About Kelly

Kelly is a Midwestern girl living in the South who loves to tell stories. Her work ranges from screenplays and stage plays to children’s stories and young adult novels, including the stage play Family Photos for which she won the Dajero Play Festival’s Best New Writer and Best Actor Awards.


In 2009, Kelly co-founded Cakebaby Productions with her husband, actor/filmmaker, David Marshall Silverman. Through Cakebaby, Kelly and David have written, directed and produced several award-winning short films, and have had their worked screened nationally at prestigious festivals including The Atlanta Film Festival, Palm Springs International ShortFest, Dances With Films, and DC Shorts.


Kelly’s experience is eclectic to say the least: education, advertising, theatre, film, and (most recently!) motherhood. She is excited to work with WordCrafts Press to publish Man in the Moon. This is the first book in a series of nighttime stories by Kelly and illustrator Erin Wicker.




Long before erin the great became an artist, she was a quiet girl in a huge, loud family. In her silence, no one knew Erin was creating make believe worlds. In a closet or underneath the table (her favorite hiding spots), little Erin would conduct experiments in imagination. From an early age, she developed a strong love for art. Erin picked up many pencils and paintbrushes along the way, eventually receiving a degree in fine arts from the University of Tennessee, where her illustrations continued to take on a very imaginative, playful spirit. It was this spirit that carried Erin from the canvas to the children’s book.


“I had such a strong bond with my favorite books growing up. I hope my illustrations can have that same effect on someone else!”


Erin has written and illustrated 2 books Just Beyond My Front Door and Mr. Mailbox Man Goes to Work. She and Kelly Young-Silverman have teamed up to make Evie and Knox Stories.  Together, they have two published books; "Man in the Moon" and 'Where's Wilson?"

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About erin