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Basic creative items to keep on hand

By evieandknoxstories, Oct 29 2015 07:00PM

Written by erin the great

I had a really fun Saturday planned. The rascal and I were going to a pumpkin patch where we would go on a hay ride and choose the perfect pumpkin right off the vine! Then we would head to a Halloween Parade. After that, we were planning on a movie night in our friend's backyard, with picnic blankets and grilling and....The rascal woke up with a 102.1 fever.

So, we snuggled, watched favorite shows, read stories, took naps and basically, took it easy all day. The doorbell rang and I received a package. Cardboard boxes always inspire me. It's my blank canvas when with children. I looked at my poor, sick rascal playing with his car, tired of watching t.v. but too sick to do much else.

I decided to make a tunnel- for the rascal's cars- to play with. Good thing I always have on hand these crafty items for just such occasions (I used the first 4 items for this project):

Construction paper

Glue (stick and liquid)


Magazines (grab them for 10-25 cents at your local thrift store)



Foam Sticker shapes

Googly eyes

Popsicle Sticks

Saved toilet paper/paper towel rolls

I used a box cutter for cutting, but you could easily use a kitchen knife.

1. Cut 2 squares on opposite ends of the box that are large enough for your rascal to put his hand in while holding a car.

2. Next, cut rectangles on the other sides of the box, large enough for your rascal to reach in the box to play.

3. Cut out pictures and glue onto the inside walls of the box.

We chose pictures of other cars. Verticle landscapes to put on the upright walls, textural colors to put on the floor (such ans green foliage for 'grass'), some animals pictures on the walls and we used blue construction paper for the ceiling. I cut out white cloud shapes, put glue on them and had the rascal place them on the 'sky'. He enjoyed watching me create the new toy, but really enjoyed playing with the magazine pictures and playing with the toy when it was finished!

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