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Memories of my Public Library: when I was a kid

By evieandknoxstories, Aug 23 2016 05:30PM

by erin the great

Kelly and I have been working on our next book, Sarah the Star and I am in the sketching stage of my illustrations.

Today, I was working on drawing of a lead character, Mark, set in a library, researching.

    *What do you think the Dewey Decimal section, in this image, is about?
*What do you think the Dewey Decimal section, in this image, is about?

The sketch brought on memories of my public library, growing up in Eastern Tennessee. Oh, I can remember the library book smell. I borrowed so many Dr. Suess books. I read and reread Where the Sidewalk Ends. I poured over the arts and crafts books. I checked out music books to practice my piano with. My brother and I read all the Cam Janssen and the Mystery of the ...... books we could get our hands on. I read my first YA novel there, A Gift of Magic, about a little girl discovering her magical powers, inherited by her grandmother.

Later on, I started volunteering in the children's library. The librarians recognized my artistic talent and let me work on the window displays. I could go on, but my point is, what a wonderful experience reading can be for children! Libraries are a great place for your child to explore their own personal interests. Support your local libraries!

Here is a picture of my old public library. I can't believe they still have those awesome chairs and tables!

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