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Riding a plane with a rascal.

By evieandknoxstories, Nov 2 2015 03:00PM

By erin the great

This is such a common question I hear. What do you do with your toddler while traveling? With the holidays soon approaching, I thought I would talk about what has worked for our family.

The rascal has ridden on planes for 4 trips and he’s only 20 months! So far, I’ve been pretty lucky. It was easier when he slept most of the time. But now he is active. From my vast experience (all 4 trips), here are my tips:

+ Schedule your flight during nap time. Maybe this won’t work for every rascal, but mine gets a good little nap in (after we let him explore the airport by running after him from gate to gate to gate to gate…)

+ Buy a special snack that you wouldn’t normally get. Out with the healthy raw carrots. In with the exciting new (but not too messy or sugary!) graham cracker cookies or fruit bars.

+ If you are an ipad or tablet family, purchase and download a movie and get kids headphones. The rascal is crazy about Kipper. Movies are another special treat.

+ Toddlers love new things. A small, activity present they can open on the plane is perfect. Something mess free: Crayola’s Color Wonder activities won’t mark on anything but the special paper that it comes with.

+ Write down a quick list of favorite action rhymes and songs (the rascal loves) to use in case of a fussy time you need to distract from. Twinkle Little Star, Little Bunny Foo Foo, This Little Piggy, etc.

+ You can bring a stroller and check it for free at the gate. It gets your through the airport with ease and I find a cheaper ‘umbrella stroller’ works best for trips.

+ Car seats are also free to check.

+ If your rascal is under two, they can sit on your lap for free (restrictions for international flights) but if they are getting close to two and a little more active, it might be worth it to invest the money for their own seat. Especially for longer flights!

Good luck!

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