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What are people saying about Man in the Moon?

Moon Detail

“Man in the Moon”

is a delightful and welcome addition to the world

of children’s picture story books. Ms. Young Silverman (words) and

Wicker (pictures) have combined their considerable artistic talents in

producing a lovely book that should become a mainstay at both story time

and nighttime readings.


What child has not looked into the nighttime sky and asked questions about life and the meanings of our celestial friends. Young-Silverman’s narrative offers a whimsical commentary on the moon in saying, “You come only at night. I bet you are quite shy.” Phrases like this bring one’s inner song to light, and children will be entranced by the deft lyrical style of this fine work.


Ms. Wicker’s illustrations pair with the text in a vivid fantastical style. These drawings undergird the story with an artistic clarity that both children and adults will find engaging and entertaining.


“Man in the Moon” deserves a place on every child’s bookshelf, and will

provide a storybook setting for many nights of restful sleep

and sweet heavenly dreams."


–Harry Musselwhite, author, Children's Illustrated Book,      

"Martin the Guitar"

Centerstream Publishing



illustrated in watercolor

by erin the great, with cleverly rhymed

verse by author Kelly Young-Silverman, this childrens book is one that will definitely

become a family favorite, and

handed down to the

next generation."



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 Boomer Grandparent

This is sure

to become a favorite

and is perfect for a bedtime

story. I read it to my Pre-K class

and they absolutely loved

it and have asked

to hear it again!

–Ayn Colsh

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Little Illuminations

It’s a lovely

little bedtime story

that rhymes, lilts and paints

a very special picture of a little girl

making friends with the

Man in the Moon

each night before

she drifts off

to sleep.


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Redhead Baby Mama

"I highly

recommend this book

for your young children.  It's now a

staple in our household and one

that we'll buy for others

as frequently as we gift

The Giving Tree

and Dr. Seuss's

best sellers."


–Bren Revis,

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